Natural Bedding

Yala – Dreamsacks and Bamboo Dreams

Yala offers eco-friendly bamboo bedding. Yala believes in fair and conscientious employment; they advocate efforts to conserve natural resources and ecosystems, and choose to use natural products that have a nominal to no negative environmental impact.

Bamboo fabric bedding is softer than cotton but stronger and longer lasting, with a natural antibacterial property to resist mildew growth. It has moisture absorbing properties and a silk-like hand with a snug, restful touch.

Sorcha Contemporary Celtic Throws

Sorcha produces a wildly popular collection of contemporary throws made in Ireland of Merino & Cashmere, Lambswool, and Mohair with sizes from lap to large. These versatile, decorative, and vibrant throws brighten up sofas and bedrooms by bringing a little bit of color & warmth into our lives. Quality, beauty and uniqueness define the Sorcha concept.

Sorcha is a celebration of exclusive Contemporary Celtic Craftwork and Textiles. They are pleased to offer the best of modern and innovative Celtic design to local, international and corporate clients as well as everyone who is enthusiastic about Celtic contemporary art and modern design.

St. Peter Woolen Mill

St. Peter Woolen Mill provides eco-friendly wool bedding and accessories to cushion you on a cloud of comfort. Their wool comforters and toppers compare in warmth and appearance to down, but are more breathable, can be used all year, are hypoallergenic, and can be re-carded for generations of use.

St. Peter Woolen Mill has been committed to providing the highest quality wool products and service at a competitive price since 1867. Wool is ecological and renewable, biodegradable, flame resistant, and helps to wick moisture away from the body, regulating temperature naturally.

SC41 recommends sleeping with a St. Peter Woolen Mill wool and cotton comforter for the ultimate sleep experience.